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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Rubber Gove Tutorial

Step 1.
Cut two fabric pieces that are four inches by 20 inches.  Narrow hem one of the long edges as shown.

Step 2.
Measure two inches from edge and mark with a pencil (see the dot jus above the 18). Now measure one inch from that point and mark again (ring finger is pointed at this dot).  Again mark two inches from your last mark and then an inch from that point.  Repeat this all the way across.  (2 inches then dot- 1 inch then dot- 2 inches then dot- 1 inch then dot- Continue in this pattern until you come to the end)

Step 3.
To make pleats take the first mark you made and place it on top of next mark which should be one inch from your first mark.  Repeat this all the way across pinning each pleat as you make it.

* This is what it will look like when you have pinned all of your pleats

Step 4.
Stitch across top of pleats as shown.

Step 5.
Pin edges together as shown on each of the short ends and sew across.  Turn to outside and press. I like to add in a little spray starch before pressing- but then I starch everything!

* This is what your end pieces will look like after your quick stitch across.

Step 6.
Pin some wide ribbon to top of your fabric as shown below.  Sew acoss the ribbon (both at the top of your ribbon piece and at the bottom to secure tightly).

Step 7.
Pin the ribbon side to the bottom of the cuff of your rubber glove. I like to turn under (about an inch or so) the rubber glove as I am pinning- just to give the rubber a little more stability. But this is completely opinional. 

Step 8.
Stitch into place.

Tada! All finished and suitable for gift giving. You don't want to be the only one that looks smashing in a pair of rubber gloves. Right?

Ohhh! I almost completely forgot! Remember those pair of red gloves I was talking about earlier with the ghastly yellow cuff?

Not any more ... and it was just so ~sew~ easy!

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