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Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Door Wreaths

Simple Home Made Wreaths

You don't need to be a ~super~ crafter to make these decorative door wreaths. All you need is a couple of styrofoam wreaths, a hot glue gun, a few essential materials and loads of patience ~since none of these are the type that can be made quick, fast and in a hurry~ But they are double cute and will save you loads of money by creating them yourself (I priced just the pinecone wreath and they ranged from $69.00 to $110.00 ~gasp~)

Pinecone Wreath

The pictures tell the story of how to create each wreath so no tutorial is really necessary. Just know that you'll be hot gluing either balls or pinecones or fabric strips for hours.

* Before beginning your pinecone wreath: Spray paint the styrofoam brown before gluing your pinecones to help blend in with the pinecones.

* A nice variety of pinecones are essential

Rag Wreath

To make the rag wreath - cut several dozens of fabric strips (approximately 6" strips) and either hot glue to your wreath or wrap around and tie off in a knot. You can do both - tie off into knots and hot glue the fabric - to give it a fuller look and to fill in any gaps that may be noticeable.

* In the orange wreath photo shown- two different size styrofoam wreaths were used. One placed inside of the other and hot glued together to create one piece. Each piece of styrofoam was covered with fabric prior to hot gluing together.

* In the pink wreath photo shown - only one styrofoam wreath was used.


This orange wreath will take you from Autumn all the way through Thanksgiving-  which will give you plenty of time to locate some festive Winter or Christmas fabric to make another. Then of course you will want to make a pretty Spring one with pastel fabric... ~wink~

Ball Wreath

Simply begin to hot glue your ornaments in no special pattern. I think using both large and small ball ornaments makes it a little more interesting.

Also; use non-tradional Christmas colored balls for a Christmas wreath twist or to use in the spring of the year.

Have fun creating your homemade wreath and when someone asks where you got it you can proudly say "I did it myself"!

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