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Monday, September 10, 2012

What Does The Holy Word Say?

Bible Word Study

You have to be obedient to the Word of God. When you find out about what the Bible says about tithing, you need to be honest enough and courageous enough to obey the Word. It may not be comfortable at times but God is big enough to take care of all your needs and desires.


Substance (Latin substantia):
1. That which has mass and occupies space; matter.
2. That which is solid and practical in character, quality, or importance.
3. Material possessions; goods; wealth:

Firstfruits (Latin fûrstfrts):
1. The first gathered fruits of a harvest, offered to God in gratitude.
2. The first results of an undertaking.

Increase (Latin n-krs):
1. To become greater or larger.
2. To multiply; reproduce.
3. To increase in size, area, volume, or bulk.

Matthew 23:23
What did Jesus say about tithing?

Hebrews 11:6
How does tithing demonstrate your faith and trust in God?

Genesis 14:18-20; Genesis 28:20-22
What was the practice of the men of the Old Testament?

Thought to Ponder

Does God only just want cash money returned to Him?

Consider in the Old Testament: When it was decreed that 10% was an acceptable amount to return to God there was no actual cash money. No coins to drop in the collection plate on Sunday morning. The people relied on barter and trade system of crops and live-stock. During this period the tithed was the First Fruit of all that God had given to you. Do you think the times have changed in what God expects?

1. Your children:

What Book of the Bible discuss God asking a certain someone for the sacrifice of his child?

Quite naturally God would not ask us to "sacrifice" our first child to Him but He certainly expects us to raise all of our children up in His ways.

2. Your crops and live-stock:

What Book of the Bible reveals God's anger when people try to bring to Him blind sheep and half rotted crops as "first-fruits"?

Quite naturally today finds not too many women out working in the fields to bring the harvest in or tending a herd of sheep but He expects you to give Him the best of what ever it is that you do.

If you are a home-maker and your house is for the most part a wreck; is this an acceptable tithe to the Lord?

If you are working in the public and you only do what is required and not very well, show up late for work and leave early etc.; is this an acceptable tithe to the Lord?

If you are a wife and argue constantly with your husband, find continuous fault in the things he does; is this an acceptable tithe to the Lord?

3. Tithing can come in many forms and often it isn't money that the Lord asks of us. Sometimes something as simple as being able to sew or paint well and you give away one and keep the other of what you made- is going far beyond a 10% tithe that God required of His people. In fact since you only had two things and gave one away then that would actually equal out to a 50% tithe.

But if the idea of not actually giving God cash money has you to feeling a little guilty then consider that if you were asked for a dollar from someone in desperate need and you gave them all the change you had in your coin purse- you actually just gave 100% of what you had to give- even if it was only thirty cents.

It isn't What type of thing you give that matters most to God; it's what's in your heart when you do give. Amen?!

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