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Friday, March 29, 2013

Poetry Post

Dove Redeemed

Currently Untitled-
written by Savannah Blakeley

Together as one,
the battle is won
Separate and apart,
we are a broken heart

Set apart for each other,
there is no other
We only have one in this life,
it is a consistent strife

A relation ship sails away,
but a marriage ship never drifts away
Pain and sorrow are trying;
you will rise above and not be left dying.

Jesus loves us,
He died for us.
He’s coming back for a bride;
He’s on his final stride.

He is coming,
we are going
Light your lamp,
He’s on the ramp

I sense his presence,
I feel his essence
Destruction is behind us,
life more abundant is a front us

Jesus is leading me home,
forgetting all the cares of this world for home.
I bask in his love,
he calls me his dove.

I long for his touch,
I love him sooo much.

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