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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love Longing

Longing for The Lord

For many years
I have longed for a place,
safely tucked away
from the human race.

Where quiet mingles
with songs of a bird,
Where serenity
is all that is heard.

To feel the calm
that God meant us to know
To cleanse, purify,
and spiritually grow.

To be with nature
and to grow more gentle,
A spot, that with time,
becomes sentimental.

It is here that Peace on Earth
begins with me
in the hope that it will
somehow, someday be. 

And she wandered away and away,
with Nature the dear old nurse,
Who sang to her night and day,
the rhymes of the universe.

And when the way seemed long,
and her heart began to fail,
She sang a more wonderful song,
or told a more wonderful tale.

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