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Sunday, March 24, 2013

~ Palm Sunday ~ 2013

~ Palm Sunday ~

During Jesus's earthly ministry, He often told people not to tell anyone who He was. Even when his brothers encouraged Him to go public. He said it was not yet the right time. But the day He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey was the appointed time, the only public announcement that He was God's promised Messiah, fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah 9.9. His announcement was rejected by many, yet God's plan for mankind was still yet fulfilled. Praise Him!

~ The Waving of the Palms ~

They waved palm branches as He passed
And hailed Him as their King;
Yet, they knew not of the sorrow
The coming week would bring.

The glad acclaim would soon give way
To jeers and mockery;
In Pilate's court He'd be condemned
To a cross on Calvary.

But Jesus knew He was the price
In God's redemptive plan,
The Sacrificial Lamb come down
To die for sins of man.

The centuries have passed and still
He seeks those lost in sin,
Pleading with unyielding hearts
To repent and follow Him.

On this day we shout our praise,
O, let us not delay;
The palm-strewn path of long ago
Still leads to Him today.

Jesus rides a donkey,
Through the city gate,
He is the gentle ruler,
Of every nation state.

Christ enters the city,
Named the place of peace,
Foretells our heaven homeland,
Where joy will never cease.

The people sing hosannas,
Christ is king and lord,
Messiah who redeems us,
By all will be adored.

The people welcome Jesus,
They raise a shout of cheer,
But there are those who hate him,
They laugh and mock and jeer.

The enemies of Jesus,
Protest this grand procession,
Jesus says the very rocks,
Would cry out their confession.

Christ has come to die for us,
In a few short days,
Then the third day after,
From the dead he'll raise.

Christ over the city looks,
It causes him to weep,
So many will reject him,
Despite his sufferings deep.

Christ is coming once again,
Comes with greatest might,
Putting all things back to new,
He shines with glory bright,

The devils are all vanquished,
By Christ's gentle power,
He will crush them underfoot,
In that final hour.

Christ alone has conquered,
Sin and death and hell,
Freeing us from bondage,
Let us thank him well.

Good people, come now, greet him,
Welcome with your praise,
Children, come now, meet him,
Your joyful songs now raise.

Let hosannas ring
and joy abound,
For the Lord our God
rode a donkey to town!

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