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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sugar Scrub Recipe

Peach Sugar Scrub Recipe
Peach sugar scrubs are easy to make, packagse just beautifully for gift giving and are great for your skin! 

Mix Together {this recipe makes about 3 cups prepared}

2 cup white sugar
1 cup canola oil, plus 2 TBS
4-5 drops of peach aromatherapy oil
{approximately} 20 drops of peach soap colorant (I purchased a pack of 4 colors at Michaels for $4.00)
Decorative jar (I am partial to mason jars myself)

There it is. So, so easy to make. Just store at the tub side and use while you shower; on your feet, elbows or any place that could stand a little softening.

To give as a gift just embellish with some pretty grosgrain ribbon tied in a cute little bow.


You can modify this recipe with your choice of scents and soap colorants. Try watermelon, cherry, lemon, lavender. Anything goes with this recipe!

Take time to pamper yourself and remind your friends to do the same by giving them this inexpensive gift!