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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mighty Hands


I Peter 5:6 
"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time".

Each day we go out into the world, we must obey the traffic signs along the way to our destination. We are told when we must stop, when we can proceed, when to use caution, and given many other commands to obey, for our own safety, and the safety of others. All great things but there is so much more than this.

Because our lives are in God's hands, we have also been given His warnings and signs to direct us all along life's highway. God's Word tells us to resist the enemy and he will flee from us. We are told to think on whatsoever things are good, holy, have virtue, and are of a good report. His Word gives us cautions, advice, and guides us safely, if we only follow the instructions. We must take up our cross each day, follow the Lord, pray, and shun the very appearance of evil; as we seek to grow in God's grace.

Have you ever been given a ticket for going a few miles over the speed limit or going through a stop sign? If so, you know the penalty has to be paid, and there is a day one must appear in court. It's the same way with the Lord's laws. When we break them or go beyond what is acceptable in God's eyes, we too have a price to pay. We have one exception, God forgives his children who truly repent and wipes their slate clean. Jesus has paid the price for us, and we can go free, if we are truly sorry for sins and turn from them.

Life's warning signs are for our good and God's glory. He has clearly given us a road map which gives instructions to safely reach our destination. Each warning sign is for our protection. If one obey the laws of the land and believes they are for their good, why wouldn't they choose to obey God's laws? Yet, we see many have no interest in learning God's ways or following His commands. One day, these will be unable to find the bridge to heaven. Their destination will be the lake of fire, because they had no desire to obey life's warning signs.

There is only one way to heaven, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to stand in the gap for souls of men. The Lord not only instructs us in how to be victorous, but also how to have good health, happiness, and to prosper, even as our soul prospers. Heeding God's Word and instructions gives us the assurance of His approval on our lives and eternal life. May God's Word be hid in our hearts that we might not sin against Him.

The Lord is directing the way on the spiritual highway today, and all who follow Him will be lead to safety. There is only one way, and that way is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who tries to enter in another way is as a thief and a robber, and will not receive eternal life. Being good, charitable, compassionate, loving, and kind are all qualities, God loves. Yet, without the blood of Jesus applied to a soul; one will not see the Lord. Without holiness, no man shall enter in, no matter how good to others they may have been, while on this earth.

The road to glory is a highway of holiness which one must walk. The way is straight and narrow. The broad way leads to destruction, but the narrow way to heaven. As the words to an old song relate to us, "it's good to be on this road to glory." When we are walking with the King of Kings, we have nothing to worry about. There will be no detours, roadblocks, or alternate routes. There is only one road to glory, but there is room for all who choose to follow the Lord. Just ahead are the lights of home. Until we reach that city, the light of the Lord shall guide us safely all the days of our lives.

Only Jesus is able to hold our lives in His hands and work all things out for Our Good and His Glory.