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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spiced Pine Cones

Spiced Pine Cone Potpourri Recipe

In a plastic garbage bag:

Small Pine cones- as many as you want
1 full container of ground cinnamon
1 small bottle of apple (or) cinnamon spice oil
1 of each for a stronger fragrance-
* These can be found in the candle section of your local chain store (like Walmart) or craft store (like Michael's)

Place your pine cones in the plastic bag and pour the ground cinnamon and the oil (or oils) over the pine cones. Tie the bag closed tightly. Shake for a few seconds to distribute the oil and cinnamon over each. Set aside in a closet or some other out of the way area. Each day for one week go and give the bag a mighty shake.

After one week you scented pine cones are ready to use. Place them in a basket or bowl and your room will smell fantastic for months. When the pine cones begin to lose their scent you can reuse them- using the same technique or go out in the yard and collect a new batch of pinecones.

Since you are using all natural ingredients you don't have to worry about the muck they put in the commercial scented pine cones (shudder) who knows what they use in those. Ohh and you might want to place the bowl or basket of scented cones in an area where the dogs and cats can't get at them and use them for paw batting practice or chew toys. It won't harm them but what a mess you will be cleaning up when they have had their fun. We are trying to create a cleaner environment; not trying to create more work for ourselves!

* If you love the smell of pine you can simply use the pine oil over the pine cones instead of apple or cinnamon oil. Replace the use of a container of ground cinnamon with a container of ground cloves. Everything else applies the same.

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