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Friday, February 28, 2014

Love 28 - Conclusion of our Love Series

Abide in His Love

1 John 4:16  NIV 
"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.

Each day for the past 28 days we have explored the depths of love for one another and for the Father of Love - God. In focusing each day on the topic of Love in Scripture and photo; it has been my desire that each of us embrace the concept fully and then with this revelation knowledge go forth and share the Love that God gave each of us with others - expecting nothing in return. That is the essence of unconditional love. To share love without expecting to be loved in return. To invest in a life where we fully give without expecting a return on our investment.

~Selah~ Pause and think on that.

Today we live in a hurting world full of people that do not know nor comprehend unconditional love and thus have no ability to love as God designed us to love. That ought not be! It is my hope that by sharing unconditional love with all that we come across or chance upon that we plant a seed of love that over time will blossom in their spirit to the point that they too will continue on to share their own spin on unconditional love with others. With a joined effort on all our parts; in a very short amount of time I believe that unconditional love could virtually circle the globe. Think of the possibilities! If all people had the courage to love the way that God loves us - what could we accomplish as a society, as a nation, as a race of humans?

First John 4:16 emphasizes that we need to be conscious of the love God has for us. It's easy for us to say 'God loves me' without really understanding what we're saying. The knowledge of His love should not be some biblical fact to which we mentally assent but a living reality in our lives.

"God is love, and he who dwells and continues in love dwells and continues in God, and God dwells and continues in him." The word dwell in this verse means 'to abide, to live in.' It does not refer to visiting; it refers to staying or remaining.

God's love isn't just a fact to memorize or a fleeting feeling. His love is here to stay. God's love doesn't just stay in the good times and leave when things are bad. God's love always remains, so we should remain in His love.

Each of us can reap a greater harvest of Christian maturity when we press into God's love. You will grow in difficult times when you abide in the amazing love God has for you.

Let us bow ...

Father God, Your love and kindness amazes me. As our loving Father, You chose each of us even before the world was ever created. No matter how flawed we may be, We have the sure knowledge that that You still want us as Your people. Thank You for Your goodness! Thank You for Your mercy! Thank You for Your love. Lord, today we purpose our hearts to abide in the love You have for each one of us. So many things change, but Your love never leaves, so this day and all the days to follow I choose to stay rooted in Your amazing love. Thank You for loving us so completely. For choosing us to be Your people and for giving us the capacity to love others as You love us. Give each of us the courage to love one another unconditionally; expecting nothing in return for the love that we show unto others. Help us to supernaturally plant the seeds of love in all that we meet and then water those seeds so that they may grow, flourish and spread onward. You truly are amazing in Your love for us and in all that You do. Enable each of us to be like You. It is in Your precious Name that I ask that love be spread to circle the globe and back again and give thanks in advance of this spectacular occurrence. Amen and Amen!

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