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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy Canvas Bag Tutorial

You Know Ya'll Are One Too!

Easy DIY Decorative Canvas Bags

I haven't done a tutorial in some time so I thought that I would give you one that was super easy. It's never too early to get started on your Christmas list; don't ya know.


Bag (check), Fabric Paint (check), Paper Doily (check)

Canvas Bag- I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 - but they were having a 50% off sell (plus I had a coupon) so each bag I purchased ended up being less than a dollar a piece. Score!

Fabric paint - any color is fair game

Paper doily (s)

Paper Finishes Adhesive Spray (I used 202 Paper Adhesive because it was on sale and works great but you can use Krylon if you have it on hand)

* Optional Iron On Patch (for center if you don't care for the monogram look)

Must Have! Paper Spray Adhesive

Step 1:  Spray doily with paper spray adhesive (I used 202 Paper Finish adhesive) apply doily where you want it and then press doily firmly down onto the bag.

Tip! Using paper finish adhesive allows the doily to stick in place while you paint, but it easily pulls off without leaving a sticky mess behind after you paint. Cool; huh?

Step 2 & Step 3

Step 2: Gently paint over the holes of the doily – I recommend paint meant for fabric only and not for crafts. I first used craft paint on another project but found that it really didn't hold up very well to repeat washings … fabric paint is much more durable.

Painted Doily Completed

Step 3: Peel back doily before paint dries completely. See in the 3rd photo how I gently rolled the paper doily off to the right? Take your time - you don't want to drag any trance paint onto other parts of your canvas bag. The doily might tear but that's ok (paper doilies are cheap; right? Just peel off the pieces and discard.

Paint Your Monogram

Step 4: Hand paint a monogram- or use an iron on applique - in the center for decorative purposes. Those little touches mean a lot if you give these as gifts. I lightly traced the monogram outlined in pencil first (so I could get an idea of placement and how big I wanted to go) and then filled in with paint. It's easier to un-do a boo boo from pencil (that's what the eraser is for) than to bugger up the whole thing by jumping in with the paint.

Completed Bag

All done and ready to use as you desire.
How Easy was that?

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