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Friday, June 21, 2013

Thinking Good Thoughts

Changing the Way You Think

Romans 12:2 KJV 
"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God".

I am sure that at some point in your life you have heard the saying "a mind is a terrible thing to waste'? Well; it turns out that it's true. Our minds have so much capacity for good, to learn, create, think and grow, and it's a tragedy when we don't use them to their highest and fullest potential.

There was a time in my life when I allowed too many damaging thoughts to enter my mind, negative, tormenting, guilty, unforgiving, shameful and accusing thoughts. Someone says something, someone does something and the next thing you know I have a running dialog of thoughts about that person that simply can not be repeated here. I simply assumed that since they were "my" thoughts that I was thinking then they must be mine. My head, my thoughts; right?

Not so. All the thoughts you are thinking aren't always things that you come up with yourself. If it's negative thinking either about yourself or someone else then odds are that they aren't your thoughts at all. Our minds are ripe, fertile soil for the devil to plant his thoughts in. He drops a few seeds of negativity in and all it takes is for us to water them a few times and off it goes.

I had no idea I had the power to control my thoughts and to choose which thoughts I focused on and believed in. I didn't realize that if I was thinking something that wasn't very nice or very true, I had the power to stop. No one ever told me I could actually win the batter with the devil over my mind.

Has anyone ever told you? If not, then I'm here today to tell you that you don't have to let your thoughts control you. You can choose to think and focus on God-thoughts!

Romans 12:2 says to "let God transform you, by changing the way you think." God wants to help you win the battle in your mind. But what does that look like on a practical level?

Here's what has worked countless times for me and what I know will work for you too: The next time you're wrestling in your mind, I want you to stop and find something specific that you can thank God for. Tell Him how grateful you are for His goodness and all the rich ways He's blessed your life. As you're diligent to do this, you will see your life begin to change and things will get better and better.

So often these days when I get a nagging ~not so nice~ thought stuck in my head I will simply start a running mantra of "These thoughts are not My thoughts because My thoughts are ....." (lovely, beautiful, gracious, kind, uplifting, edifying, love affirming etc. - fill in the blank with something positive) It honestly doesn't take long of doing this before the ~not so nice~ thoughts that you had are displaced by something that God would rather have you focused on.

It's my hope and prayer that this short little study will help you will know the power God has given you over your mind and that every day in your thoughts, you will walk in the fullness of God's love for you!

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