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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Bible Word Study


The Bible is not a religious book. it is the copy of a covenant between you and God, and it's sworn in blood. God is inviting you to put Him in remembrance of His Word. He is asking you to lay your case before Him and plead your covenant rights before Him using the legal precedence of His Word.

Genesis 15:10, 17-18
Why did God make this covenant with Abram? How does this relate to us?

Hebrews 9:13-14
How do we apply the blood covenant to our lives?

Ephesians 2:13
How does this verse apply to the blood covenant?

Our Divine Connection

"But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises."
Hebrews 8:6


Throughout the centuries of human history, God has remained committed to lifting His people out of the limits of their own ways and into the limitlessness of His great ability. He joins Himself with His people through covenant. A covenant joins two parties together and brings the strengths and weaknesses of each other into the other's situation.

When, through simple faith, you entered the kingdom of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ, you also embraced the covenant foundation on which this kingdom operates. Through the blood covenant, you have a right to a new beginning; a fresh start in your life. It's time to stand on the promises of God and expect them to come to pass.

You have a right to every blessing because you are a covenant man or woman. You don't have to walk around ignorant of the terms of our covenant. It's about time you read the fine print in God's contract: His Word and understand what it says so that we can live the covenant life. The blood of Jesus has joined us eternally with the Most High God by His wonderful grace. 

Understanding The Blood Covenant:

As the Body of Christ understands the power of covenant life with God, they will step out of weak-ness and defeat and into the victories Jesus obtained for them. Both the Old Covenant and the New were ratified in blood. Both of them are blood-sworn oaths to certain people. But there is a big difference between them.

The Old Covenant:

The Old Covenant depended upon the Israelites obedience to the laws and commands of God. The people's faith was in God - Who made those laws. This covenant gave them a hold on Him as the covenant-keeping God. The Old Covenant, first recorded in Genesis, was between Abraham and God, and sworn in the blood of animals. God told Abraham to kill specific animals and lay them out a certain way. It was God walking in the blood and passing between those animals that convinced Abraham that God was serious about fulfilling what He had promised to Abraham and his seed. Later, under Old Testament Law, a priesthood and ministry was set in motion in order to continue to sacrifice animals. Galatians 3 says it was done because of man's transgression; he (man) kept breaking the covenant.

The New Covenant:

In relation to that covenant, Jesus came and established the New Covenant. Jesus is called the Lamb of God because He was the final sacrifice under that first covenant. When His sinless blood was shed, that settled sacrificing for sins forever. Under the Old Covenant, the blood of animals could only atone for sins, or cover them up. But the blood of the Lamb of God obliterates them. When you become a believer, the blood of Jesus does not cover up your sins, it completely redeems you. Your sins are no more. His blood washes you clean. After that, when you come before God, He sees you as clean. You don't have to sacrifice an animal to get forgiveness or do anything else, for that matter.

Word Study:

1. Mediator:

2. Covenant:

3. Promises:

Thoughts To Ponder On:

Under the old covenant you did what you were supposed to do and just waited for God. Under the new covenant you do what you are supposed to do, take authority yourself by the power of the Living Christ, and stand in faith without wavering.

The old covenant was established on the earth by the blood of bulls and goats. The new covenant was established in heaven and on earth forever by THE Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The power of this covenant is no less than the power of THE Blood by which it was established.

Once you understand the blood covenant, then you will start talking covenant and walking like you have a covenant with God. God will begin to raise up whatever you need and restore to you what the enemy has taken. Then, He will go far beyond that with a new beginning for His covenant people. It will be a break out time of blessings in our life.  Are you in?

The Blood Covenant: Scriptures

Hebrews 9:13-14, 12:22-24
Genesis 15: 10, 17-18
1 Samuel 18:3-4
John 6:51, 53-54
Joshua 6:17,25
Galatians 3:13
Revelation 12:11
Ephesians 2:13

Further Scriptures:

Romans 10:4
Revelation 1:5

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