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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guest Post

One Door, One Way, One Master

Written by Mary Wilbers (Blakely) at age 17, now 57

I hear a very persistent knocking,
Coming from one of two doors,
The door on my left is golden and jeweled,
The one on my right is plain wood.

The knocking has doubled persistence now,
It’s coming from both of those doors,
I must choose, and so must you,
For at one time or another we all will stand,

In front of two doors,
In front of two roads,
In front of two masters,
Do not be deceived,
You will walk a road of your own choosing.

The world with all its’ deceiving ways,
lies waiting behind the jeweled door.
Christ has chosen the rough and plain wooden door,
His cross supported no jewels.
Which master will you choose?

Christ will reach out a loving hand,
He will lead you down a lighted path.
The world will hide its’ snatching claws,
The better to snatch your soul away.

The earth is a dark place where we all must grope,
Trying to find our way.
We stumble blindly in this darkness,
Hatred, worry, hopelessness and despair.

Yes, the Prince of Darkness stands behind that jeweled door.
Isn’t it frightening that we will open that door and let,
His claws snatch our very life away?
You cannot peak without opening a door,
You are being called to serve,
Whose knocking will you answer?

Sad but true, we all have answered.
Even our indifference has answered for us.
If the road you are walking down is dark,
For your own sake, take the next lighted detour.
Walk down the path less traveled by.
You are a prisoner.
Will you not try to escape?

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